Trophy Shots and Digital Mounts
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Trophy Shots

    As sportsmen we spend a good chunk of our time and untold thousands in pursuit of fish and game. All too often, the conditions that find us in contact with our quarry are not the best for photographs. Bad light, bad weather, contrasting backgrounds and inexperienced picture takers lead to less than perfect images.
    We can turn your less than perfect snapshot into a real wall hanger. We'll re-touch your image to enhance light and colors, remove unwanted elements or blend your image with a beautiful map of the area where it was captured. Click on the images to see before and after examples.

Because each Trophy Shot is custom made, pricing varies depending on several factors with the average cost being about $100. To begin the process of creating your Trophy Shot, click on the Order button Below and you will be prompted to email us your image(s) for a quote.

Digital Mounts

We also offer scaled prints of your trophy fish created from your digital photos. Send us a few snapshots of your fish and we will render an actual sized (or larger, or smaller) sideview of that fish printed on high quality heavyweight rag paper suitable for framing. Click on the image below to see the finished product.

Digital mounts up to 36" cost $99.99 for an unframed, hardcopy print and digital copy. To order yours simply click on the Order button below. You will be prompted to send an email with your attatched image(s). Once we recieve your image(s) we will assess them and send you a return email requesting payment and varifying your preferences for your print. Once your payment is processed you will recieve the final product by mail within 14 business days.

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